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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter

If you need a high performance and precision flexo printing and slotting machine to achieve high speed printing and slotting for the corrugated cardboards in your carton manufacturing process, choosing HUAYU will bring you unexpected effect. Our HY-A series semi-auto flexo printer slotter is typically designed for printing high quality colors, especially topping printing, on corrugated cartons.

Technical Parameters of HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter
Model Max. Sheet Size (mm) Max. Print Area (mm) Work Speed
Main Power (kW) Paperboard Thickness (mm)
BSY420-2400 1300×2200 1300×2000 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY420-2600 1300×2400 1300×2200 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY420-2800 1300×2600 1300×2400 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-2600 1450×2400 1450×2200 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-2800 1450×2600 1450×2400 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-3000 1450×2800 1450×2600 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-3200 1450×3000 1450×2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-2800 1650×2600 1600×2400 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-3000 1650×2800 1600×2600 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-3200 1650×3000 1600×2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY610-3000 1900×2800 1900×2600 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY610-3200 1900×3000 1900×2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
Main Features of HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter
  • The electrical components of this corrugated board printing machine has reached the world class level.
  • Absorbing the characteristics of similar machines in foreign countries, we pay more attention to the reorganization of flexo plate changing, inking and transmission structures.
  • All driver rollers are processed by fine grinding and hard chrome plating.
  • The semi-auto flexo printer slotter comes with exquisite appearance, compact structure and high automation.
  • With high precision top printing capability, it produces little printing error.
  • Every unit of this carton machinery features motorized splitting and integrating as well as pneumatic locking and loosening functions. Alarm devices are used for improving safety.
  • The printing phase and slotting phase are proud of 360 degree motorized adjustment.
  • All gears enjoy oil lubrication, thus ensuring long service life.
  • The slotting knives and creasing knives move left and right together. This connected movement can be adjusted manually, convenient for changing order.
  • Our semi-auto flexo printer slotter is equipped with number counter that makes production quantity visible.
  • 1 to 4 color printing is optional.

Machine size can be customized according to your demands.

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