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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

HY-B Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter

During the course of corrugated box manufacturing, as you know, the processes of printing, slotting and die cutting to be done on the corrugated cardboards are of great significance. Generally, these three processes can be completed in one machine.

Today, HUAYU, by the state-of-the-art technologies, has developed the high performance HY-B series semi-auto flexo printer slotter die cutter which will make such processes more efficient. This printing slotting and die cutting machine is mainly used to print high quality colors on corrugated cardboards. It is especially good at top printing.

Technical Parameters of HY-B Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter
Model Max. Sheet Size (mm) Max. Print Area (mm) Work Speed
Main Power (kW) Paperboard Thickness (mm)
BSY420-2400 1300×2200 1300×2000 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY420-2600 1300×2400 1300×2200 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY420-2800 1300×2600 1300×2400 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-2600 1450×2400 1450×2200 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-2800 1450×2600 1450x2400 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-3000 1450×2800 1450×2600 0-60 4.0 1.5-12
BSY480-3200 1450×3000 1450x2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-2800 1650×2600 1600×2400 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-3000 1650×2800 1600×2600 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY530-3200 1650×3000 1600×2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY610-3000 1900×2800 1900×2600 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
BSY610-3200 1900×3000 1900×2800 0-60 7.5 1.5-12
Main Features of HY-B Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter
  • All electrical components of this flexo printing slotter are introduced from world famous manufacturers. And, all drive rollers, shafts have experienced the process of fine grinding and hard chrome plating.
  • Beautiful appearance, compact structure and high automation make this packaging machinery more attractive.
  • It can achieve high definition printing while producing very little error in top printing.
  • Every unit of this semi-auto flexo printer slotter die cutter comes with motorized splitting and combining as well as pneumatic locking and unlocking functions. Alarm bell and light are typically used, ensuring higher safety.
  • All-round motorized phase adjustment for printing and slotting can be realized.
  • Gears enjoy long service life in the lubricating system.
  • Lateral movement of slotting knives and creasing knives can be manually adjusted, making order changing easy.
  • The semi-auto flexo printer slotter die cutter is equipped with a number counter which makes production quantity visibly checked.
  • The die cut roller is made of high quality steel and features dynamic balance correction. Its rubber cushion is convenient for mounting and disassembling and can serve for a long time.
  • The die cut roller can move about 40mm at horizontal direction and thereby increase service life of rubber cushion.
  • This types of semi-auto flexo printer slotter die cutter boasts speed compensation mechanism which makes sure that all boxes enjoy the uniform size.
  • Customer can choose 1, 2, 3 or 4 color printing.

Machine size can be customized according to your demands.

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