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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

HY-GM Series Semi-Auto Rotary Die Cutter

HY-GM Series semi-auto rotary die cutter, a specializedcardboard box making machine, is suitable for making color boxes and all kinds of special cartons. It employs rotary cutting method realized by a die cutting roller and a rubber cushion roller which roll synchronously cutting through the cardboards fed to it.

By means of installing different die templates, this semi-auto rotary die cutting machine can produce different cartons with various specifications. One time it can produce 2 or 3 or more carton boxes. The maximum feeding speed is up to 60 sheets per minute.

Technical Parameters of HY-GM Series Semi-Auto Rotary Die Cutter
Name of Parameter Unit Specification
GM-410-1600 GM-410-2400 GM-530-2400 GM-530-3000
Max. Machine Speed sheet/min 0-60 0-60 0-60 0-60
Max. Sheet Size mm 1400×1600 1400×2400 1650×2400 1650×2900
Max. Die Cutting Size mm 1400×1350 1350×2200 1600×2200 1600×2700
Paperboard Thickness mm 1.5-11 1.5-11 1.5-11 1.5-11
Main Features of HY-GM Series Semi-Auto Rotary Die Cutter
  • The semi-automatic die cutter comes with chain type manual feeder. Vacuum suction hold down device is used to aid feeding.
  • It utilizes soft rubber template. Speed difference can be compensated synchronously and automatically.
  • One-off processes of cutting, perforating and creasing can be completed in this machine.
  • The main motor adopts electromagnetic speed adjustment and the die cutter phase is adjusted by computer.
  • This type of semi-auto rotary die cutter comes with a number counter that enables you to check production quantity visibly. In addition, alarm bell increase safety to operation.
  • The die cutting roller has been plated with hard chrome and treated by balance alignment. Driven by air, it will rise up and kiss the cushion roller when feeding starts; it will automatically go down and leave the cushion roller when feeding stops.
  • The cushion roller can move horizontally about 40mm, avoiding die cutting in the same place at the same time, thus prolonging its service life.
  • Linear speed compensation device ensures uniform die cutting and thereby makes sure that the carton size is identical.
  • The semi-auto rotary die cutter is designed with a spray lubrication system that enables gears to serve for long time.
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