Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

Gluing Machine

HUAYU gluing machine for corrugated cardboard delivers uniform and optimum application of glue across the entire width at all speed. From micro flutes to large flutes, our glue applicator ensures outstanding glue application in corrugated board production line, resulting in flat, well-bonded board.

Main Features of Gluing Machine
  • The Anilox glue applicator rolls, plated with hard chrome, ensure uniform gluing and low glue consumption.
  • The corrugated cardboard glue machine uses variable frequency motor with frequency converter to control the glue rolls. That makes sure that the linear speed of glue roll can be synchronous with double facer and the glue roll can also run independently.
  • The glue amount can be adjusted by motorized method with digital display and can be adjusted manually as well.
  • Up and down movement of the press roll is driven by pneumatic motor. Gap between glue roll and press roll is adjusted slightly by electric motor.
  • Our gluing machine boasts automatic circulating glue system which can effectively control glue amount and avoid glue hardening, thus ensuring high quality glue and low glue consumption.
  • Press roll or flexible press bar is optional.

Maximum machine speed: 200m/min

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