HSF Series

High Speed 2 Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Used for making single face corrugated cardboard

Our high speed 2-ply corrugated cardboard production line integrates a hydraulic mill roll stand, pre-heater, single facer corrugator machine, and NC slitter scorer cut off stacker machine for efficient and high-quality cardboard production. This cardboard corrugating machinery combines stability, precise temperature control, accurate corrugation, and computerized cutting and stacking, making it ideal for high-speed production of high quality 2-ply corrugated cardboard, essential for diverse packaging needs.

Technical Parameters
Model Speed (m/min) Size (mm)
HSF-1400-2 120/150/180 1400
HSF-1600-2 120/150/180 1600
HSF-1800-2 120/150/180 1800
HSF-2000-2 120/150/180 2000
HSF-2200-2 120/150/180 2000
HSF-2500-2 150/200/180 2500
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