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Carton Folder Gluer

    1. Automatic Carton Folder Gluer

      The automatic carton folding and gluing machine comes with variable frequency motor for speed regulating and PLC touch screen for set-ups, thus ensuring easy operation and stable running. With maximum speed of 150m/min, the cardboard box making machine is ideal for large and medium scale carton plants.

    1. Semi-Auto Carton Folder GluerThis folding carton gluer provides extremely high production efficiency at incredibly low cost. To be specific, the cost is over 10 times lower than that using flat filament. In addition, the carton made by the semi-auto carton folder gluer enjoys attractive appearance.

HUAYU has been working with carton folder gluer for about 20 years. This machine is available in two types, namely automatic folder gluer and semi-automatic folder gluer. As an important part in the final process of carton making, the carton folding and gluing machine is suitable for 3/5/7 ply corrugated cardboards, embodying high production efficiency, easy operation, stable running, etc.

This folding carton gluer is ideal for large and medium size corrugated box plants. Together with reasonable price, it has won high recognition in packaging industry. If you need such carton making machine, please give us a contact without hesitation.