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    1. HUAYU-A Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      The drive rollers of this auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker are all made of high quality steel pipes which have experienced thermal refining, hard chromium plating, correcting and drilling balancing, hence ensuring stable running. Gears are made from high ...

    1. HUAYU-B Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      As a significant part of corrugated carton production line, our HUAYU-B series auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker, similar to the A series, is mainly designed for printing high quality and precision colors on corrugated cartons, especially for top printing.

    1. HUAYU-C Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & StackerThe transmission gears are made of high quality steels. They are all ground after being thermally treated.
      The auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker applies keyless connection which can maintain long term high efficiency and high printing precision.
    1. HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter

      Every unit of this carton machinery features motorized splitting and integrating as well as pneumatic locking and loosening functions. Alarm devices are used for improving safety.
      The printing phase and slotting phase are proud of 360 degree motorized adjustment.

    1. HY-B Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die CutterAll electrical components of this flexo printing slotter are introduced from world famous manufacturers. And, all drive rollers, shafts have experienced the process of fine grinding and hard chrome plating.
    1. HY-QM Series Automatic Rotary Die CutterThis rotary die cutting machine employs advanced lead edge feeder with suction hold-down device. This feeding method boasts faster speed, high accuracy and lower failure rate as compared with back kicking feeding way.
    1. HY-GM Series Semi-Auto Rotary Die CutterHY-GM Series semi-auto rotary die cutter, a specializedcardboard box making machine, is suitable for making color boxes and all kinds of special cartons. It employs rotary cutting method realized by a die cutting roller and a rubber cushion roller which roll synchronously cutting through the cardboards fed to it.
    1. HY-ZK Series Automatic Rotary SlotterIn one stroke, this box making machinery can complete a series of processes including slotting, creasing, slitting and corner cutting. The slotting size and carton height are adjustable through the touch screen. The maximum machine speed can reach 140 sheets per minute.
    1. HY-B Series Semi-Auto Rotary SlotterTo the paperboards fed to the carton machinery, it can complete slotting, creasing, slitting and corner cutting at a stroke. The slot size and carton height can be adjusted manually. The maximum machine speed is up to 60 sheets per minute.
    1. HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

      Under the control of AC electromagnetic speed adjustment system (computer control), the corrugated cardboard production line can complete non-stop production from corrugated medium feeding to finished corrugated board discharging.

    1. Electric Shaftless Mill Roll StandClamping and rotary structure of the arms are provided with fixed torque clutch, thus ensuring high safety.
      The maximum diameter of paper roll the electric shaftless mill roll stand holds is φ1400mm and the maximum weight is 2 tons.
    1. Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll StandThe hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand, similar to the electric one, is also used for supporting and fixing fluting paper rolls. The arms, however, is driven by hydraulic pressure, clamping, lifting and adjusting the paper rolls.
    1. SF-280S Fingerless Single FacerThe reducer is immersed in lubricating oil, thus reducing noise and stabilizing operation. In addition, cardan drive method will separate power source.
      Lifting and lowering movement of the top corrugated roll ...
    1. SF-320S(360S) Fingerless Single FacerThe high speed single facer also plays significant role in single face corrugated board production line and automatic 3/5/7 ply corrugated board production line. The optional flute patterns are available in A, B, C, E and F.
    1. SF-380S(405S) Fingerless Single FacerSplit design of the upper and lower corrugating rolls with the whole machine makes sure that the corrugating rolls can be changed easily, thus ensuring convenience for changing flute patterns.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard PreheaterHUAYU corrugated cardboard preheater is available in single layer, double layer and triple layer. It is mainly used for heating single face corrugated cardboards and Kraft paper. With the capability of removing extra moisture in the paper, this paper preheater can make final corrugated board stronger.
    1. Overhead Bridge ConveyorThis overhead bridge conveyor is equipped with a paperboard guide that is controlled by gear motor to regulate the position of the single faced corrugated board and allow an exact positioning towards the center.
    1. Gluing MachineThe glue amount can be adjusted by motorized method with digital display and can be adjusted manually as well.
      Up and down movement of the press roll is driven by pneumatic motor. Gap between glue roll and press roll is adjusted slightly by electric motor.
    1. Double FacerThe double facer is mainly used for bonding flat linerboard closely and firmly on the flute tips of single faced corrugated cardboard, consequently producing high quality single wall corrugated board through heating and cooling.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard Cross CutterThiscutoff, controlled by touch screen and driven by servo motor, is composed of length adjustment device, accelerated velocity adjustment device, knife roll adjustment device and other devices. It is of great importance in the corrugated board production line.
    1. Thin Blade Slitter ScorerAutomatic re-sharpening device will implement non-stop grinding action to slitter knives. It is air operated and can set up interval distance and re-sharpening time at any one time according to material or slitting edge conditions.
    1. NC Slitter ScorerIt can achieve quick order changing within 3 to 8 seconds. When two machines are used together, order changing without having to lower speed is no problem.
      Our NC slitter scorer can automatically follow the speed of whole corrugated cardboard production line, ensuring synchronization with it.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard StackerOur corrugated cardboard stacking machine features motorized side output function. That is, stacked boards can be electrically shifted out from one side of the machine. In addition, when the sheet number or height reaches the needed level, output can be controlled by switch.
    1. Automatic Carton Folder Gluer

      The automatic carton folding and gluing machine comes with variable frequency motor for speed regulating and PLC touch screen for set-ups, thus ensuring easy operation and stable running. With maximum speed of 150m/min, the cardboard box making machine is ideal for large and medium scale carton plants.

    1. Semi-Auto Carton Folder GluerThis folding carton gluer provides extremely high production efficiency at incredibly low cost. To be specific, the cost is over 10 times lower than that using flat filament. In addition, the carton made by the semi-auto carton folder gluer enjoys attractive appearance.
    1. Semi-Auto Stitching Machine

      Through touch screen, parameters transformation of pitch of nails, nail number, stitching patterns and back board can be easily completed by the operator without experience.
      In a stroke, our semi-auto stitching machine can implement single stitching ...

    1. Twin Head Semi-Auto StitcherThis semi automatic carton stitcher with two stitching heads can execute single stitching, double stitching and reinforced stitching. It is suitable for single-sheet carton, double-sheet carton, irregular carton and carton with no cover.
    1. Pedal Operated StaplerOur pedal operated stapler is a simple carton stapling machine with manual feeding. It employs flat wire to staple folding boxes made from corrugated cardboards. The stapling is triggered by a foot pedal, thus ensuring easy operation.
    1. Fully Automatic Flute Laminating MachineThe vacuum suction feeding system can automatically and accurately transport linerboard into the machine.
      The suction feeding belt can automatically convey single faced corrugated boards and implement automatic speed measurement, ensuring precise feeding.
    1. BZJ-A Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating MachineIt is also suitable for linerboard to corrugated board (A/B/C/E/F flutes) laminating as well as cardboard to cardboard laminating. The feeding system for linerboard and single face corrugated board, however, is operated manually. Similarly, the sheet to sheet laminator is ideal for making high end packaging cartons.
    1. BZJ-B Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating MachineThe corrugated machine come with an automatic suction feeding system for bottom corrugated board and a manual feeding system for top linerboard, ensuring convenience and accuracy. The bottom and top sheet employs photoelectric control and are positioned by special front guide which guarantee accurate positioning.
    1. ML Series Die Cutting and Creasing MachineThis series die cutting and creasing machine is proud of three prominent functions of single sheet cutting, continuous cutting and time-delay opening. Time-delay range is adjustable as you like.
      Operating height is reasonably designed; opening angle of the frame is big.
    1. BFY Series Slitter ScorerEmploying thin blade technology, this slitting and scoring machine has overcome the phenomena of burr and flattening caused by using traditional thick blade. Processed by this paperboard converting equipment, the corrugated board is burr-free and has sound flute, smooth edge and great straightness.
    1. BF Series Slitter ScorerDiffering from the BFY series slitter scorer, the thin slitting blade of the BF series slitter scorer is electrically controlled and re-sharpened automatically. Thin slitting blade is also utilized by this slitting and creasing machine, effectively avoiding the results of burr and flattening caused by traditional thick blade.
    1. HY Series Automatic Strapping MachineOur automatic strapper is mainly used in cardboard box, carton, corrugated board, color box and color printing enterprises. It has replaced the manual bundling process.
      This carton packing machine only needs one person to operate it, thus saving large number of labor cost.