HS-A Series

In-Line Flexo Printer Folder Gluer with Automatic Bundling Machine

Fully computerized corrugated carton box production line

Our HS-A series is a complete solution for corrugated carton box manufacturing. This system includes everything you need - from feeding to printing, slotting, die-cutting, folding, gluing, and bundling. What's really outstanding is that this inline flexo folder gluer is that it is all computer-controlled. This means the operator can easily adjust settings, including how the paper is fed into the flexo printer folder gluer.

This carton box folder gluer is perfect for handling big orders efficiently. It quickly switches from one order to another, saving time. You can set the size of your carton boxes - height, length, and width - all through the computer. The in-line flexo printer folder gluer unit is driven by a servo motor, ensuring precision in printing, cutting, and gluing your boxes. If you're in the business of producing large quantities of carton boxes our corrugated cardboard machinery is an ideal choice. It's reliable, fast, and produces high-quality boxes, making it ideal for those large, demanding orders.

Technical Parameters
Model 920 924 1224 1228 1628 1636 2245
Max. design speed (pcs/min) 350 300 280 250 200 180 100
Working speed (pcs/min) (depending on cardboard size and printing) 0-300 0-280 0-250 0-220 0-180 0-150 0-80
Max. feeding size (mm) 900×2000 900×2000 1200×2400 1200×2800 1600×2800 1600×3600 2200×4500
Skip feeding size (mm) 1000×2000 1000×2000 1600×2400 1600×2800 1900×2800 1900×2800 2500×4500
Max. printing size (mm) 850×1950 850×1950 1150×2350 1150×2750 1550×2750 1550×2600 2100×4500
Min. feeding size (mm) 300×765 300×765 360×785 360×785 450×850 450×850 600×900
Min. fold size (mm) 240×120 240×120 250×120 250×120 270×120 270×120 300×140
Standard printing plate thickness (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Max. die cutting size (mm) 850×1950 850×1950 1150×2350 1150×2750 1550×2750 1550×3550 2100×4500

(Size can be customized according to customer requirements)

Main Configurations
    • Lead edge feeder with Taiwanese technology
    • Touch screen control for configuration
    • Equipped with brushes and dust-collecting fans for dust removal
    • Top printing machine, with the option of roller transfer or full vacuum transfer
    • Optional ceramic anilox roller
    • Optional doctor blade ink scraping system.
    • Quick-change plate mounting system
    • Computerized setting for paper feed pressure
    • Single unit operation
    • Roller transfer or vacuum transfer optional
    • Cold air blowing or electrically heated hot-air drying
    • Computerized setting for feeding pressure
    • The slotting unit controls are available on both the main and slotting unit touch screens
    • Linear guide rails for lateral movement with universal cross joints
    • Touch screen settings for adjusting pre-creasing, creasing, and slotting pressure
    • Box height adjustable through the touch screen.
    • Significant displacement capability for the middle knife
    • Speed difference compensation mechanism
    • Imported soft anvil rubber pad
    • Computerized setting for feeding pressure
    • Bottom folder gluer machine
    • Vacuum transfer for cardboard feeding
    • Large gluing wheel with reticulation gluing, motorized adjustment for glue wheel position
    • Controlled by servo motors
    • Touch screen for computerized adjustment of box size
    • Bundling machine equipped with a PP (Polypropylene) belt
    • Automatic alignment for squaring the cartons
    • Option for single-line or double-line bundling
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