HS-B Series

In-Line Flexo Printer Folder Gluer with Automatic Bundling Machine

Fully computerized corrugated carton box production line

The HS-B series is an automatic corrugated carton box production line with an inline flexo folder gluer. This carton boxes making equipment includes units for feeding, printing, slotting, die cutting, folding-gluing, and bundling. It is possible to make computerized adjustments of box height, length, and width. Its vacuum transfer system ensures efficient printing, cutting, and gluing in a single process. This series of flexo printer folder gluers is easy to reconfigure for different orders and is well-suited for both large and medium-sized carton factories.

Technical Parameters
Model 920 924 1224 1228
Max. design speed (pcs/min) 300 280 250 220
Working speed (pcs/min) (depending on cardboard size and printing) 0-280 0-250 0-200 0-180
Max. feeding size (mm) 900×2000 900×2400 1200×2400 1200×2800
Skip feeding size (mm) 850×1950 850×2350 1150×2350 1150×2750
Max. printing size (mm) 300×765 300×765 360×785 360×785
Min. feeding size (mm) 240×120 240×120 250×120 250×120
Min. fold size (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Standard printing plate thickness (mm) 850×1950 850 ×2250 1150×2350 1150×2750

(Size can be customized according to customer requirements)

Main Configurations
  • 1. Lead edge feeder with adjustable air pressure for cardboard feeding
  • 2. Dust suction brush with fan for efficient dust removal
  • 3. Pneumatic side squaring system
  • 4. Motorized adjustment for both side and back cardboard hold plates
  • 1. Touch screen control for adjusting the phase movement of the printing roller
  • 2. Plate hanging device for easy placement of printing plates
  • 3. Printing roller equipped with a zero line for convenient print memory storage
  • 4. Automatic ink circulation system with a low ink alarm device
  • 1. Touch screen control for adjusting box height
  • 2. Touch screen control for adjusting box length and width
  • 3. Storage of box size settings for easy recall
  • 1. Pneumatic self-locking device for the die-cutting roll
  • 2. Speed difference compensation mechanism
  • 3. Equipped with a rubber grinding roller
  • 4. Die cutter rubber pads from Taiwan or Italy
  • 1. Bottom folder gluer machine
  • 2. Vacuum transfer for cardboard feeding
  • 3. Large gluing wheel with motorized control for position adjustment
  • 4. Servo motor controlled for precise folder gluer operation
  • 5. Touch screen for computerized box size adjustment
  • 1. Equipped with PP (Polypropylene) belt for more efficient bundling
  • 2. Automatic squaring of cartons
  • 3. Option for single or double lane bundling
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