HS-C Series

In-Line Flexo Printer Folder Gluer with Automatic Bundling Machine

Automatic corrugated carton box production line

The HS-C series, an economical and fully automated corrugated carton box production line that includes a feeding unit, printing unit, slotting, die-cutting, folder gluer, and an automatic bundling unit. This flexo folder gluer excels in efficient, single-pass completion of printing, slotting, die-cutting, folding-gluing, and bundling, making it ideal for medium and small-scale carton factories. Featuring quick order changes and user-friendly operation, these inline flexo folder gluers are perfect for businesses seeking to enhance productivity and quality in packaging without significant cost. Its versatility in handling various packaging designs adds to its appeal in the growing packaging sector.

Technical Parameters
Model 920 924 1224 1226
Max. design speed (pcs/min) 220 200 200 200
Working speed (pcs/min) (depending on cardboard size and printing) 0-200 0-180 0-160 0-160
Max. feeding size (mm) 900×2000 900×2400 1200×2400 1200×2600
Skip feeding size (mm) 850×1800 850×2200 1150×2350 1150×2550
Max. printing size (mm) 300×765 300×765 360×785 360×785
Min. feeding size (mm) 240×120 240×120 250×120 250×120
Min. fold size (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Standard printing plate thickness (mm) 850×1950 850×2200 1150×2200 1150×2450

(Size can be customized according to customer requirements)

Main Configurations
  • 1. Lead edge feeder with adjustable air pressure for feeding
  • 2. Equipped with a dust-cleaning brush
  • 3. Motorized adjustment of side and back cardboard hold plates
  • 4. Synchronized adjustment of the front hold plate
  • 1. Touch screen control for printer roller phase movement
  • 2. Hanging plate device for easy printing plate placement
  • 3. Zero line on the printing roller for easy printing memory storage
  • 4. Automatic ink circulation with low ink alarm system
  • 1. Equipped with touch screen control for adjusting box height
  • 2. Motorized control for adjusting box length and width
  • 3. Option for fully computerized setting of box dimensions (length, width, and height)
  • 1. Pneumatic self-locking device for the die-cutting roll
  • 2. Speed difference compensation mechanism
  • 3. Equipped with a rubber grinding roller
  • 4. Die cutter rubber pads from Taiwan or Italy
  • 1. Bottom folder gluer machine with a large gluing wheel and reticulation gluing
  • 2. Vacuum transfer for cardboard feeding
  • 3. Motorized control for adjusting the position of the gluing wheel
  • 4. Servo motor controlled for precise folder gluer operation
  • 5. Touch screen for computerized box size adjustment
  • 1. Equipped with PP (Polypropylene) belt for efficient bundling machine
  • 2. Automatic alignment for squaring the cartons
  • 3. Option for single-line or double-line bundling
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