Cassette Single Facer

Corrugating machine

Technical Parameters
Model SF-320D SF-360D SF-405D
Design speed 150m/min 180m/min 220m/min
Corrugating roll diameter 320mm 360mm 405mm
  • This cassette single facer uses a negative pressure type design, ensuring that the medium paper is evenly pressed to the corrugating roller for perfect glue application.
  • The lubrication system for both the corrugated and pressure rollers uses high-temperature greases to prevent bearing damage, enhancing the single facer's longevity and reliability.
  • The corrugated roller, pressure roller, and gluing roller all operate under pneumatic control, offering precision and ease of use.
  • The corrugating rollers can be changed in just 15 minutes. When replacing the corrugating roller, an electric trolley delivers the complete set of additional rollers with cassette directly into the machine, streamlining the process.
  • Equipped with a moveable glue unit design, which makes cleaning and maintenance more convenient and efficient.
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