HYAS Series

Automatic Carton Box Stitching Machine

Used for carton box stapling

  • Automatic control: This carton box stitcher streamlines the stitching operations with its automatic control, making order changes and operation easy.
  • Advanced PLC system: The entire machine is managed by a PLC control system, paired with a user-friendly touch screen interface for smooth human-machine interaction.
  • Reliable paper feeding: The cardboard stitched features a vacuum absorption feeding method, supported by a belt, to guarantee steady and accurate paper conveying through the carton box stitcher.
  • High-speed stitching head: Equipped with a Taiwanese brand stitching head that allows for rapid processing, reaching speeds of up to 600 nails per minute.
  • Flexible nail spacing: Our carton box stitching equipment can adapt to various box specifications by offering a range of nail distances from 30mm to 120mm
  • Single and double nail stitching: Designed to perform single and double nail stitching in one pass, it caters to diverse packaging needs and customer preferences.
Technical Parameters
Max. sheet size 2500mm
Min. sheet size 750mm
Max. carton length 800mm
Min. carton length 220mm
Max. carton width 780mm
Min. carton width 150mm
Max. sheet height 1200mm
Min. sheet height 300mm
Max. flap size 350mm
Max. flap size 50mm
Max. width of tongue lock 40mm
Stitch pitch 30-120mm
Number of stitches 0-99
Stitching speed 600 stitches/min
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