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Fully Automatic Flute Laminating Machine

The fully automatic flute laminating machine supplied by HUAYU is mainly used to laminate linerboards to the flutes of corrugated board or laminate one cardboard to another cardboard with adhesive. The suitable corrugated flute patterns include A, B, C, E and F flute. This automatic flute laminator is designed with auto suction feeding system for both top linerboards and bottom corrugated boards. It is really an ideal choice for producing high end packaging boxes.

Technical Parameters of Fully Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
Model BZJ-1300S BZJ-1450S BZJ-1600L
Max. sheet size (mm) 1300×1100 1450×1100 1600×1400
Min. sheet size (mm) 350×350 350×350 350×350
Bottom paper Min. weight (g/m2) 300 300 300
Max. weight (g/m2) 800 800 800
Max. thickness (mm) 10 10 10
Top paper Min. weight (g/m2) 150 150 150
Max. weight (g/m2) 800 800 800
Margin of error of fitting (mm) ±1.0 ±1.0 ±1.0
Max. machine speed (pcs /min) 100 100 100
Total power (kW) 12 12 12
Machine length (m) 10.00 10.00 10.00
Total weight (kg) 5500 6000 6000
Main Features of Fully Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
  • This cardboard laminator is the fourth generation machine, giving easy operation and convenient maintenance as well high speed, low noise and high precision.
  • The vacuum suction feeding system can automatically and accurately transport linerboard into the machine.
  • The suction feeding belt can automatically convey single faced corrugated boards and implement automatic speed measurement, ensuring precise feeding.
  • Electrical components of this fully automatic flute laminating machine are all introduced from Japan and Germany. Therefore, their quality and service life can be guaranteed.
  • This corrugated machine employs high tech control system and carries out automatic circulating gluing, enabling paperboard to be uniformly glued. According to different boards, the glue amount can be adjusted.
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