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Ancillary Machines for Carton Making

    1. ML Series Die Cutting and Creasing MachineThis series die cutting and creasing machine is proud of three prominent functions of single sheet cutting, continuous cutting and time-delay opening. Time-delay range is adjustable as you like.
      Operating height is reasonably designed; opening angle of the frame is big.
    1. BFY Series Slitter ScorerEmploying thin blade technology, this slitting and scoring machine has overcome the phenomena of burr and flattening caused by using traditional thick blade. Processed by this paperboard converting equipment, the corrugated board is burr-free and has sound flute, smooth edge and great straightness.
    1. BF Series Slitter ScorerDiffering from the BFY series slitter scorer, the thin slitting blade of the BF series slitter scorer is electrically controlled and re-sharpened automatically. Thin slitting blade is also utilized by this slitting and creasing machine, effectively avoiding the results of burr and flattening caused by traditional thick blade.
    1. HY Series Automatic Strapping MachineOur automatic strapper is mainly used in cardboard box, carton, corrugated board, color box and color printing enterprises. It has replaced the manual bundling process.
      This carton packing machine only needs one person to operate it, thus saving large number of labor cost.

Apart from some main machines in complete corrugated box plant such as corrugated cardboard production line, flexo printer slotter die cutter, carton folder gluer, carton stitching machine, flute laminating machine, etc., HUAYU also supplies all kinds of ancillary machines for carton making including die cutting and creasing machine, slitter scorer and automatic strapping machine.

These individual machines for carton making have been hot sales in more than 40 countries such as America, Mexico, Chile, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India, Russia, Australia, etc. If you have any need, just contact us. We are looking forward to the cooperation with you.