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Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

    1. HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

      Under the control of AC electromagnetic speed adjustment system (computer control), the corrugated cardboard production line can complete non-stop production from corrugated medium feeding to finished corrugated board discharging.

    1. Electric Shaftless Mill Roll StandClamping and rotary structure of the arms are provided with fixed torque clutch, thus ensuring high safety.
      The maximum diameter of paper roll the electric shaftless mill roll stand holds is φ1400mm and the maximum weight is 2 tons.
    1. Hydraulic Shaftless Mill Roll StandThe hydraulic shaftless mill roll stand, similar to the electric one, is also used for supporting and fixing fluting paper rolls. The arms, however, is driven by hydraulic pressure, clamping, lifting and adjusting the paper rolls.
    1. SF-280S Fingerless Single FacerThe reducer is immersed in lubricating oil, thus reducing noise and stabilizing operation. In addition, cardan drive method will separate power source.
      Lifting and lowering movement of the top corrugated roll ...
    1. SF-320S(360S) Fingerless Single FacerThe high speed single facer also plays significant role in single face corrugated board production line and automatic 3/5/7 ply corrugated board production line. The optional flute patterns are available in A, B, C, E and F.
    1. SF-380S(405S) Fingerless Single FacerSplit design of the upper and lower corrugating rolls with the whole machine makes sure that the corrugating rolls can be changed easily, thus ensuring convenience for changing flute patterns.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard PreheaterHUAYU corrugated cardboard preheater is available in single layer, double layer and triple layer. It is mainly used for heating single face corrugated cardboards and Kraft paper. With the capability of removing extra moisture in the paper, this paper preheater can make final corrugated board stronger.
    1. Overhead Bridge ConveyorThis overhead bridge conveyor is equipped with a paperboard guide that is controlled by gear motor to regulate the position of the single faced corrugated board and allow an exact positioning towards the center.
    1. Gluing MachineThe glue amount can be adjusted by motorized method with digital display and can be adjusted manually as well.
      Up and down movement of the press roll is driven by pneumatic motor. Gap between glue roll and press roll is adjusted slightly by electric motor.
    1. Double FacerThe double facer is mainly used for bonding flat linerboard closely and firmly on the flute tips of single faced corrugated cardboard, consequently producing high quality single wall corrugated board through heating and cooling.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard Cross CutterThiscutoff, controlled by touch screen and driven by servo motor, is composed of length adjustment device, accelerated velocity adjustment device, knife roll adjustment device and other devices. It is of great importance in the corrugated board production line.
    1. Thin Blade Slitter ScorerAutomatic re-sharpening device will implement non-stop grinding action to slitter knives. It is air operated and can set up interval distance and re-sharpening time at any one time according to material or slitting edge conditions.
    1. NC Slitter ScorerIt can achieve quick order changing within 3 to 8 seconds. When two machines are used together, order changing without having to lower speed is no problem.
      Our NC slitter scorer can automatically follow the speed of whole corrugated cardboard production line, ensuring synchronization with it.
    1. Corrugated Cardboard StackerOur corrugated cardboard stacking machine features motorized side output function. That is, stacked boards can be electrically shifted out from one side of the machine. In addition, when the sheet number or height reaches the needed level, output can be controlled by switch.

As a specialist carton machinery manufacturer in China, HUAYU has been working with the construction of corrugated box machinery for almost 20 years. We can offer all kinds of complete corrugated cardboard production line as well as individual machines related to it. Specific machines include complete corrugators, shaftless mill roll stand, fingerless single facer, corrugated cardboard preheater, overhead bridge conveyor, gluing machine, double facer, corrugated cardboard cross cutter, thin blade slitter scorer, corrugated cardboard stacker, etc.

These independent machines in the production line of corrugated cardboards boast reliable quality while providing high precision and accuracy. They have obtained the certificates of CE and won great popularity among users.