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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

Semi-Auto Stitching Machine

Our SDJ series semi-auto stitching machine is mainly used for stapling the corrugated box by flat wire. It is driven by double servo motors, suitable for stitching single-sheet carton, double-sheet carton and irregular carton as well as the carton with bottom but no cover. Our semi-auto carton stitcher is provided with touch screen for adjusting size and changing orders. It is available in single stitching, double stitching and reinforcing stitching, meeting all kinds of demands.

Technical Parameters of Semi-Auto Stitching Machine
Max.: (A+B)×2 3980mm
Min.: (A+B)×2 740mm
Max.: (C+D+C) 3000mm
Min.: (C+D+C) 250mm
Min.: C 50mm
Max.: C 560 mm
Max.: B 850 mm
Min.: B 120 mm
Max.: A 1140 mm
Min.: A 250 mm
Max.: D 2000 mm
Min.: D 150 mm
Max.: E 40 mm
Feed table height 900 mm
Machine width 2850 mm
Weight 2 t
Stitching speed 600 stitches/min
No. of stitches 1-99
Main Features of Semi-Auto Stitching Machine
  • This carton stapler is driven by double servo motors, ensuring high accuracy and less mechanical drive parts, thus effectively reducing mechanical failure rate.Simens PLC control system is adopted to control the whole machine.
  • The semi automatic carton stapling machine employs fully electrical metod to control dimension. It only takes one minute to change carton size and adjust pitch of nails, thus considerably saving time and ensuring easy operation.
  • Through touch screen, parameters transformation of pitch of nails, nail number, stitching patterns and back board can be easily completed by the operator without experience.
  • In a stroke, our semi-auto stitching machine can implement single stitching, double stitching and reinforcing stitching (double stitching at two sides and single stitching in middle part), meeting various requirements of customers for stitching patterns.
  • The feeding unit is equipped with photoelectric sensor that will automatically rise up when feeding starts. Both feeding unit and stacking unit feature counting function. At the stacking unit, finished cartons can be transported to the end of the conveyor according set quantity (1-99). That is convenient for bundling. Counting function can also set bundling quantity.
  • The semi-auto stitching machine is ideal for stitching 3/5 ply corrugated cardboards. For the stitcher which can stitch 7 ply corrugated cardboards, we offer custom made service according to you demand.
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