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Carton Stitching Machine

    1. Semi-Auto Stitching Machine

      Through touch screen, parameters transformation of pitch of nails, nail number, stitching patterns and back board can be easily completed by the operator without experience.
      In a stroke, our semi-auto stitching machine can implement single stitching ...

    1. Twin Head Semi-Auto StitcherThis semi automatic carton stitcher with two stitching heads can execute single stitching, double stitching and reinforced stitching. It is suitable for single-sheet carton, double-sheet carton, irregular carton and carton with no cover.
    1. Pedal Operated StaplerOur pedal operated stapler is a simple carton stapling machine with manual feeding. It employs flat wire to staple folding boxes made from corrugated cardboards. The stapling is triggered by a foot pedal, thus ensuring easy operation.

HUAYU has been a major manufacturer of corrugated box making machines in China since 1995. We provide several kinds of carton stitching machines for completing the final process of carton manufacturing, including semi-auto stitching machine, twin head semi-auto stithcer, pedal operated stapler, etc. These corrugated box stitchers, with reliable performance and long service life, adopt flat wire to stitch cartons. They all can implement single stitching, double stitching and reinforced stitching.

Our carton stitching machine has found wide applications in large and medium scale carton plants, suitable for single-sheet cartons, double-sheet cartons, irregular cartons and cartons with bottom but no cover. For more information about packaging auxiliary machines and carton machinery, please contact us.