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Flute Laminating Machine

    1. Fully Automatic Flute Laminating MachineThe vacuum suction feeding system can automatically and accurately transport linerboard into the machine.
      The suction feeding belt can automatically convey single faced corrugated boards and implement automatic speed measurement, ensuring precise feeding.
    1. BZJ-A Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating MachineIt is also suitable for linerboard to corrugated board (A/B/C/E/F flutes) laminating as well as cardboard to cardboard laminating. The feeding system for linerboard and single face corrugated board, however, is operated manually. Similarly, the sheet to sheet laminator is ideal for making high end packaging cartons.
    1. BZJ-B Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating MachineThe corrugated machine come with an automatic suction feeding system for bottom corrugated board and a manual feeding system for top linerboard, ensuring convenience and accuracy. The bottom and top sheet employs photoelectric control and are positioned by special front guide which guarantee accurate positioning.

Flute laminating in the process of corrugated cardboard manufacturing is of great significance. Whether the linerboard can be firmly jointed to the corrugated flute or not depends highly on the flute laminating machine. HUAYU, as a professional manufacturer of cardboard box making machines, has developed three series high performance flute laminator, including BZJ series fully automatic flute laminating machine, BZJ-A series semi-automatic flute laminating machine and BZJ-B series semi-automatic flute laminating machine.

Our sheet-to-sheet laminators are mainly used for cardboard to cardboard laminating and linerboard to corrugated cardboard laminating (A/B/C/E/F flutes are all suitable). They are extensively applied to manufacture of high-end packaging boxes. Their outstanding performance has won high recognition in the packaging industry.