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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

Semi-Auto Carton Folder Gluer

Our semi-auto carton folder gluer is mainly used for pasting the corner cut area of corrugated box. As indispensable equipment in the final process of carton manufacturing, the semi-automatic carton folder gluer line is suitable for 3 ply and 5 ply corrugated cardboards (7 ply corrugated cardboard folding and gluing can be customized if required).

This folding carton gluer provides extremely high production efficiency at incredibly low cost. To be specific, the cost is over 10 times lower than that using flat filament. In addition, the carton made by the semi-auto carton folder gluer enjoys attractive appearance.

Thanks to the superior properties such as stable bonding performance, easy operation, labor and power conservation and stable running without noise, the semi-auto carton folding and gluing machine is an ideal carton machine for processing high end cartons to be imported. Furthermore, the speed of 60 sheets per minute makes it perfect for medium scale corrugated box plant.

Technical Parameters of Semi-Auto Carton Folder Gluer
Parameter ZXJ-2800
Size A 240mm—1515mm
Size B 340mm—2800mm
Machine power 2.2kW
Weight 2.2T
Main Features of Semi-Auto Carton Folder Gluer
  • This corrugated box folder gluer is used to bond the folded corrugated board with adhesive. It comes with high speed and low cost that is 10 times lower than carton stapling.
  • Automatic counting function is used in the stacking process. Finished products (1-99 sheets) can be transported to the end of conveyor according to set quantity so as to be convenient for bundling.
  • The semi-auto carton folder gluer is provided with a draught fan for air drying application, thus accelerating carton bonding and reducing defective products.
  • Only two operators are needed to complete the easy process from gluing of semi finished products to placing in order of finished products. Since that, cost for salary can be reduced.
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