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Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Nowadays, the manufacture of corrugated cardboards is becoming increasingly mature. All kinds of corrugated machines emerge as times require. HUAYU has devoted itself to development of the most advanced and highest quality corrugated board making machine for about 20 years. Today, the HYWJ series corrugated cardboard production line is our great contribution to this packaging industry.

The complete corrugator is composed of several units that are connected by structural steel frame and conveying mechanism. Under the control of AC electromagnetic speed adjustment system (computer control), the corrugated cardboard production line can complete non-stop production from corrugated medium feeding to finished corrugated board discharging. It comes with high automation.

Technical Parameters of HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
Model Design speed Working speed Size
HYWJ-1400-100 100m/min 70m/min 1400mm
HYWJ-1400-150 150m/min 120m/min 1400mm
HYWJ-1400-180 180m/min 140m/min 1400mm
HYWJ-1600-100 100m/min 70m/min 1600mm
HYWJ-1600-150 150m/min 120m/min 1600mm
HYWJ-1600-180 180m/min 140m/min 1600mm
HYWJ-1800-100 100m/min 70m/min 1800mm
HYWJ-1800-150 150m/min 120m/min 1800mm
HYWJ-1800-180 180m/min 140m/min 1800mm
HYWJ-1800-200 200m/min 170m/min 1800mm
HYWJ-2000-150 150m/min 120m/min 2000mm
HYWJ-2000-180 180m/min 140m/min 2000mm
HYWJ-2000-200 200m/min 170m/min 2000mm
HYWJ-2200-150 150m/min 120m/min 2200mm
HYWJ-2200-180 180m/min 140m/min 2200mm
HYWJ-2200-200 200m/min 170m/min 2000mm
Working Principle
  • Clamp the paper rolls on the mill stand that comes with shaft or not.
  • Preheat the corrugated medium and linerboard on preheating cylinders and make them contain appropriate moisture.
  • Feed the preheated medium and linerboard into the single facer and implement preheating once again.
  • The top corrugated roll and bottom corrugated roll will press the corrugated medium to form flute. This is joined to a flat linerboard with adhesive to form single face board.
  • Through lifting device, the single face corrugated board will be lifted to the overhead bridge conveyor and then be conveyed to the multiple pre-heater. During slow conveying, the single face board can be naturally dried.
  • After being heated in the multiple pre-heater, the board will be conveyed into the gluing machine for another gluing.
  • Then, via drying, bonding and cooling, we can get formed and flat corrugated boards.
  • Further, in the slitter scorer, the corrugated board can be cut into required width. Via cross cutter, finally, the corrugated board with needed specifications can be produced.
Main Features of HYWJ Series Corrugated Cardboard Production Line
  • HUAYU provides all kinds of corrugation machines with breadth of 1.6-2.5m and machine speed of 60-180m/min. Our production line can produce 3-7 ply corrugated cardboards with various flute sizes. In addition, the corrugated boards come with uniform flute, high strength and precise size.
  • The single facer of our corrugated cardboard production line employs vacuum suction type feeding. Corrugated rolls are processed by high precision CNC grinding machine. The largest diameter reaches Φ408mm.
  • The double facer adopts fully modular design, realizing any combination of 10-21 heating boxes. Our double facer comes with the latest structure which can effectively avoid the disadvantages of traditional structures, thus improving production speed and reducing waste rate as well as lowering main motor power and decreasing driving belt wear.
  • Rotary cross cutter of our corrugated cardboard production line is driven by servo motor which is controlled by computer, thus achieving high accuracy cutting.
  • Thin blade slitter scorer is designed with 1.2m blades. During slitting, the paperboard edge is flat and has no burr and cracking. The blade boasts air cooling device and automatic re-sharpening device. Blade arrangement is controlled by computer. The time for changing specifications is 5-15 seconds.
  • This corrugated cardboard production line is equipped with a lift type slitter which makes sure that the thin blade can cut the paperboard from its side, thus effectively avoiding printing side-lay edge and improving greatly printing quality.
  • High speed feed double stacker is controlled by PLC with touch screen which is easy for man-machine interaction. The main motor features variable frequency control, thus saving energy. The stacker is available in automatic and manual options, reducing labor strength.
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