Automatic Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine

NC Slitter Scorer

Similar with the thin blade slitter scorer, HUAYU NC slitter scorer also employs 4 slitter knives and 6 scorer heads or 5 slitter knives and 8 scorer heads. It applies touch screen control, ensuring that slitting size can be adjusted in 3 to 8 seconds. High speed and high efficiency is what this corrugated box making machine promises you.

Main Features of NC Slitter Scorer
  • The computer control system can memorize 999 orders, realizing automatic or manual order changing under non-stop condition.
  • It can achieve quick order changing within 3 to 8 seconds. When two machines are used together, order changing without having to lower speed is no problem.
  • Our NC slitter scorer can automatically follow the speed of whole corrugated cardboard production line, ensuring synchronization with it.
  • The CNC system is composed of high quality industrial computer and high performance PLC.
  • This NC slitting and scoring machine is available in three types of scoring pattern, namely concave-convex (single wall), concave-convex (double wall) and convex-flat. These scoring patterns can be alternated electrically. In addition, the scoring depth can be controlled by computer, consequently producing perfect scoring.
  • The slitter knives are made of thin tungsten alloy steel, offering sharpness and long life.
  • The NC slitter scorer is outfitted with a slitter knife re-sharpening device which is controlled by computer, implementing automatic or manual sharpening process. Furthermore, re-sharpening can be done during slitting, thus improving production efficiency.
  • It is equipped with imported synchronous belt that ensures high precision, long life and low noise.
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