HUAYU-A Series

Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Machine with Stacker

Automatic corrugated carton box production line


HUAYU-A series auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker is mainly used for printing high quality colors on corrugated cartons. It is especially suitable for polychrome printing.

Technical Parameters
Model HYA-920 HYA-1224 HYA-1228 HYA-1624 HYA-1628 HYA-1828 HYA-2236 HYA-2536
Max. design speed (pcs/min) 250 200 200 180 180 160 120 100
Working speed (pcs/min) (depending on cardboard size and printing) 0-220 0-180 0-180 0-160 0-150 0-140 0-100 0-80
Max. feeding size (mm) 900×2000 1200×2400 1200×2800 1600×2400 1600×2800 1800×2800 2200×3600 2500×3600
Max. printing size (mm) 850×1950 1150×2350 1150×2750 1550×2350 1550×2750 1750×2750 2150×3400 2450×3400
Min. feeding size (mm) 280×630 360×690 360×690 420×730 420×730 450×750 550×860 650×900
Min. slot size Reverse 230×65 260×65 260×65 275×70 275×70 275×70 320×90 320×90
Positive 145×145 160×160 160×160 165×165 165×165 175×175 190×190 190×190
Standard printing plate thickness 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm 7.2mm

(Size can be customized according to customer requirements)

Main Features
  • This type of corrugated box making machine employs advanced belt type lead edge feeder which ensures easy operation, making feeding fast, stable and precise.
  • Our auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker comes with a 7 inch color touch screen which is favorable for order pre-set (200 orders can be pre-set), order inquiry, order memory and readout, synchronous zero set, automatic and manual phase adjustment, parameter management, automatic inking and automatic display of production quantity and speed.
  • All adjustments are available in computer control and motorized control, adapting to user habits and convenient for user selection.
  • The drive rollers of this auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker are all made of high quality steel pipes which have experienced thermal refining, hard chromium plating, correcting and drilling balancing, hence ensuring stable running. Gears are made from high quality alloy steel through quenching treatment.
  • The clearance between rollers can be adjusted depending on the self locking function of worm gear case. Disc handle seat makes it more convenient and faster.
  • Lateral and longitudinal movement of slotting knife are motorized adjust. Box height is also motorized adjust.
  • The die cutting part of this auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker is equipped with speed-limited compensation mechanism so that the die cut roller can move crosswise 40mm.
  • This carton machinery also boasts printing and slotting memory functions, ensuring automatic zero set and automatic slotting reset. The slitter is driven by ball screw, keeping stable operation and high accuracy.
  • Main electrical elements comply with European quality standard.
  • The high speed auto flexo printer slotter, die cutter and stacker, with computer memory function, can memorize 999 orders. The highest speed can reach 150 sheets per minute.
Components of A Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker
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