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Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter

    1. HUAYU-A Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      The drive rollers of this auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker are all made of high quality steel pipes which have experienced thermal refining, hard chromium plating, correcting and drilling balancing, hence ensuring stable running. Gears are made from high ...

    1. HUAYU-B Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & Stacker

      As a significant part of corrugated carton production line, our HUAYU-B series auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker, similar to the A series, is mainly designed for printing high quality and precision colors on corrugated cartons, especially for top printing.

    1. HUAYU-C Series Auto Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter & StackerThe transmission gears are made of high quality steels. They are all ground after being thermally treated.
      The auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker applies keyless connection which can maintain long term high efficiency and high printing precision.
    1. HY-A Series Semi-Auto Flexo Printer Slotter

      Every unit of this carton machinery features motorized splitting and integrating as well as pneumatic locking and loosening functions. Alarm devices are used for improving safety.
      The printing phase and slotting phase are proud of 360 degree motorized adjustment.

    1. HY-QM Series Automatic Rotary Die CutterThis rotary die cutting machine employs advanced lead edge feeder with suction hold-down device. This feeding method boasts faster speed, high accuracy and lower failure rate as compared with back kicking feeding way.
    1. HY-GM Series Semi-Auto Rotary Die CutterHY-GM Series semi-auto rotary die cutter, a specializedcardboard box making machine, is suitable for making color boxes and all kinds of special cartons. It employs rotary cutting method realized by a die cutting roller and a rubber cushion roller which roll synchronously cutting through the cardboards fed to it.
    1. HY-ZK Series Automatic Rotary SlotterIn one stroke, this box making machinery can complete a series of processes including slotting, creasing, slitting and corner cutting. The slotting size and carton height are adjustable through the touch screen. The maximum machine speed can reach 140 sheets per minute.
    1. HY-B Series Semi-Auto Rotary SlotterTo the paperboards fed to the carton machinery, it can complete slotting, creasing, slitting and corner cutting at a stroke. The slot size and carton height can be adjusted manually. The maximum machine speed is up to 60 sheets per minute.

HUAYU is a professional cardboard box making machine manufacturer in China. Apart from the complete production line of corrugated cartons, we also supply individual products that play indispensable role in the process of carton making. To be specific, we manufacture all kinds of auto flexo printer slotter die cutter and stacker, flexo printer slotter die cutter, flexo printer slotter, rotary die cutter, etc.

These machines come with a wide variety. Automatic and semi-automatic options are available for customers. Without doubt, their qualities are of high reliability. CE certificates can perfectly explain it. For more information, please feel free to contact us.